Misson and Visson/ Location

Our Vision

MS 319 offers a small community where students receive personal attention from all staff members. We provide our students with a nurturing small middle school environment. The school is grounded in the application of math, science, language arts in which teachers, students, and administrators are constantly learning and growing, creating a community of adolescents and adults joined together in a network of support, responsibility, and accountability fro student achievement. Three sets of values guide all our practices: PERSEVERANCE, ACHIEVEMENT, and EXCELLENCE!

Perseverance breeds achievement. Repeated success will encourage our students to excel (believe in themselves). Students are the center of the learning experience and our classrooms invite students to use their inquiring minds and apply their learning in the production of a final product. Students will benefit from the school atmosphere highlighting academic rigor and character development. These attributes will celebrate achievement. Ultimately we provide our youngsters with the opportunity to take their place in the most prestigious high schools in New York City.

Our Mission

MS 319, Maria Teresa Mirabal School, prepares adolescents for academic excellence through a rigorous high school preparatory curriculum founded in the applied learning of math, science, and language arts. This academic foundation will prepare youngsters to become the leaders of the 21st century. Our school is grounded in the philosophy of addressing the whole child. MS 319 will serve as a community resource, so that members of the community are proud of and assured that their children will succeed. Our school atmosphere will bring to life the "No-Child Left Behind Act" in which we truly bring to life the American dream of equity: Be all things to all people. We will bring our students the Maria Teresa Mirabal dream:

"We will continue to fight for that which is just!"

We will persevere, achieve, and excel.


We are located at:

M.S. 319 Maria Teresa Mirabal Middle School

21 Jumel Place New York, NY 10032