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Parent Teacher Conference

First Session: 1 - 3 pm

Second Session: 4:40 - 7:30 pm

Teachers will make phone calls to parents today. No In Person Conferences

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Waky Tacky Day

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Important announcement :

The Office of High School Admissions.

Important announcement from The Office of High School Admissions - All current 8th grade students who live in New York City can apply to high school and test and/or audition to apply to the Specialized High Schools during the 2021-2022 school year. Later this week, welcome letters will be available for all current 8th and/or 9th grade students with details on how parents/guardians can access their MySchools account. School staff and families will be notified by email later this week when welcome letters become available and when SHSAT registration opens.SHSAT Timeline:Welcome Letters: Starting later this week, welcome letters will become available for school staff and families. As of today (October 13) welcome letters are not yet available for families or school staff. Each student’s personalized welcome letter will include details on how to access their MySchools account, participate in admissions, and register for the SHSAT. When welcome letters become available starting later this week, school staff will be able to access their current students’ welcome letter in the school-facing MySchools site (, printed welcome letters will be mailed to public school 8th grade families, and families can request a copy of their child’s welcome letter from their current school counselor.· Registration for the SHSAT will open later this week, after welcome letters are available for you and your current 8th and 9th grade students. o As of today (October 13), registration for the SHSAT is not yet open for families or school staff. o Families will be able to register their child in the family-facing MySchools site ( and school staff will be able to register their current students in the school-facing MySchools ( Instructions for school staff will be in the MySchools Guide for School Counselors.o Like last year, families or school staff will indicate each child’s preference order for the testing Specialized High Schools when they submit their SHSAT registration in MySchools.o The deadline to register for the SHSAT is November 15, 2021.· Test Dates and Locations:· Registered 8th grade students who attend a public DOE middle school will test at their current school during the school day on Thursday, December 2. Public DOE middle schools will administer the SHSAT to their current 8th grade students on Thursday, December 2, 2021

Registration for the MS 319 Choir and Singing Class is now open!

The MS 319 Choir and Singing Class is open to all MS 319 students. In this program students will gain skills in performing and singing. This class will meet once a week and students will miss one of their other scheduled classes in order to attend this special music class. Students must make up any work missed in their regular classes and must maintain good grades in their missed class. Register Here

First Day of School Monday September 13th @ 8:30 am

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to school! MS319 is preparing to welcome your child on Monday September 13, 2021 at 8:30 am at the school yard in their school uniform. We are located at 21 Jumel Place, New York, NY 10032. Students are dismissed at 2:50 pm. Your child must complete the NYC DOE Health Screening form every morning before entering the building. For more information, please visit our website at

You should have received an email from the school indicating your child's new class and schedule. Please check your inbox and junk as well. If you did not get an email please contact Mr. Frias ( or the following assistant principals:

6th Grade: Ms. Duda at email

7th Grade: Mr. Colon at email

8th Grade: Mr. Colon at email