School Wide Mini Clinic on Dominican Indepence Day and Respect for All Thursday, February 27, 2014

posted Feb 26, 2014, 5:17 AM by Christian Sanchez

This Thursday, February 27, in celebration of Dominican Independence Day and Respect For All Month

 ALL students will view two PowerPoint presentations: 1-The History of the Mirabal Sisters, and  2- "Respect and Disrespect"


Please Log in to the school server or our homepage under "Podcasts" and download the presentations labeled “The Mirabal Sisters”, and "Respect and Disrespect".

1-  DIRECTIONS:  During AM Advisory, students will first view the presentation, “The Mirabal Sisters."

 At the conclusion of the presentation, please allow students time  to discuss and answer the questions on the last presentation tile.


2-  During their regular first period classes, students will then view the second powerpoint  "Respect and Disrespect and Disrespect" and complete the lesson activity.

We are suggesting that staff members review the both presentations before Thursday and become familiar with lessons. SEE ATTACHMENTS .You will need chart paper and markers.

For questions or follow ups, Please see your Dean Abreu, Mr. G, Ms. Yu, or Ms. Santos.