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Class of 2017 Senior Events Information

All 8th Grade Seniors please click on the link below to choose a theme for Prom Night!

Choose here


When and where will all these activities take place:

  • Senior Trip: DATE TBA
    • Attire: Senior shirt which comes with payment of senior dues and khaki shorts and black sneakers.

  • Prom: @Lake Isle Country Club in Westchester NY ( 25 mins North of Washington Heights) Date TBATransportation by Coach Bus
    • Attire: Black, White & Red  Affair& Masquerade Ball mask

    • Chaperons: All grade staff attends and supervises, along with Principal, and all 3 Assistant Principals.
    • Its a formal dinner of 4 course meal, and afterwards dancing and selection of prom King & Queen 2017! 

  • Graduation:  
    • MS 319 Auditorium
    • Dates TBA
    • Attire:
      • Girls: Light Blue Dress 
      • Boys: red tie, light blue shirt, black belt, black pants, & black shoes

I believe I have answered all of your questions, if you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact Mr. J. Colon email:


Dining Etiquette Videos for 8th Graders


Senior Event Fees

Senior Dues are $300 if paying for all events ($50 discount).  If you are paying for each event separately see below for prices.  Students who achieve an 80% average will be invited to participate to all three events (Senior trip, Senior dance, and Graduation ). Students who achieve a 65%-75% will be invited to graduation ONLY.

  • Senior Trip ($125)
  • Senior Dinner and Dance ($125)
  • Graduation ($75)

Important Prom and Graduation Announcement form the NYC DOE Chancellor's Office

MS 319 8th Grade Senior Trip, Prom, and Graduation Slideshow